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Alojamento local

Termas Vizela

Vizela –Spa As sulphurous waters of Vizela they are internationally identified for their beneficial and therapeutic properties since Roman times, being the Vizela Spa or the main tourist attraction of this city. The present building is a magnificent example of architectural architecture surrounded by gardens that provide general relaxation and inspire visitors' feelings of tranquility and appeasement. As the characteristic features of these waters, with various therapeutic indications allied in a well-being environment, bring deaths to Vizela thousands of people found everywhere. As Vizela Sulphurous Waters belong to the Durand Fardel hydrological classification Sodium Sulfur Waters class and very fluorine rich.

São Bento das Pêras

The Sanctuary of São Bento das Pêras, located at the top of the mountain with the same designation, at 410 meters altitude, is a pilgrimage site for thousands of believers. The religious festival in honor of this patron saint of Vizela takes place on July 11, with the procession and celebration of the Mass. It is a pleasant popular living space. Some still look for the place to simply enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the Vizela river valley.


As águas sulfurosas de Vizela são conhecidas internacionalmente pelas suas propriedades benéficas e terapêuticas desde o tempo dos romanos, sendo o Balneário de Vizela o principal atrativo de turismo desta cidade. O atual edifício é um magnífico exemplar arquitectónico rodeado por jardins que propiciam o relaxamento geral e inspiram sensações de tranquilidade e apaziguamento aos visitantes. As aprazíveis características destas águas, com diversas indicações terapêuticas aliadas a um ambiente que incute bem-estar, trazem anualmente a Vizela milhares de pessoas provenientes de toda a parte. As águas sulfurosas de Vizela pertencem à classe das águas sulfuradas sódicas de classificação hidrológica de Durand Fardel e muito ricas em flúor.

Parque das Termas de Vizela

This park is located in the city center and occupies an area of 7.5 hectares. Built from 1885 to 1886, it was designed and planted by florist and horticulturist José M. Loureiro and gardener Jerónimo M. Costa. It is considered as the “lung” of Vizela, due to its vast vegetation.

This natural space is conducive to all kinds of outdoor activities, with maintenance circuit, tennis court, playground, support of bars and restaurants and access to the Fonseca e Castro Municipal Field for the practice of mini golf and petergolf. . Magnificent landscape next to the Vizela Riverfront, where you can enjoy its bike path and green-way, which follow the line of the Vizela River.

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